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Should you wear a uniform to work?

Yes, you should.

Here are five reasons why!


  1. Brand Recognition

Want people to use your company?  Brand recognition is vital.  Up to 94% of consumers choose a known brand over an unfamiliar one.   We connect deeply with our favourite brands, developing a trusting, strong relationship.

Globally, over 72% of us feel loyalty to at least one brand, and more than half of us expect that loyalty to last for life.

We’re particularly drawn to brands that promise a top quality user experience and have a powerful presence.  You’re sure to know the world’s number one

Yep - Apple.  When it comes to branding, the tech giant continues to blaze a trail.  Apple’s marketing oozes innovation, passion and style.  People believe that by using Apple products they join an exclusive, high-class club. 

So, what can we learn from Apple’s tremendous success? 

Well, it isn’t down to a single element.  Yes, their products are advanced and reliable, but it’s much more than that.  Apple have created a complete, consistent brand.  It’s there in the powerful words on their website, the beautiful images in their adverts, the sleek design of their products, the blue uniforms of the Genius Bar technicians and that unmistakable logo.

Apple have carefully created a beautiful world where the customer is the hero.

So, when you think about your brand, how can you place your customer in the centre of a perfect experience?  How can you stand out from your competitors? 

A great uniform, with an eye-catching logo is a strong start!


  1. Pride

Wearing a uniform creates a powerful sense of belonging and pride.  Most companies consider employees their most valuable asset.  Proud, happy workers are the perfect reflection of a successful, caring, progressive business and an awesome advert for customers. 

Recent studies highlight the clear link between good employee wellbeing and high levels of customer satisfaction.  Treat your workers well and they’ll be delighted to pull on their uniform, engage more effectively with the public and generate far more revenue.

Companies with the happiest employees value a healthy work/life balance, staff development, open communication, a positive environment and positive leadership.

Oh, and a high quality uniform makes staff 22% happier!

Research has found that professional pride is significantly boosted by wearing a uniform, resulting in positive mental effects.  Scientists discovered increased activity in areas of the brain linked to empathy, reward, and emotions.  They also concluded that uniforms increase group participation and positive self-evaluation.

Not wearing uniforms?  It’s time to start!


  1. Teamwork

How do you boost teamwork and make staff more productive?  Is there an easy way?  Of course there is!  Provide a uniform!  Think of it like a team kit that unites individuals, emphasises togetherness and creates equality.

Imagine a successful sports team, working as a perfect unit to achieve victory.  Wearing the same colours does much more than simply identify the team.  It unites the players, bonds them, makes them act together for the greater good.  It creates a family.  You only have to glance at the fans to see how powerful this family feeling is - they’ll probably be wearing the kit, too. 

We humans love to be part of a group.  We’re social beings and need to connect deeply with others.  Psychologists view belonging as a universal human need that’s essential to our physical and mental health. 

Want employees who contribute effectively?  Help them to feel that they belong.  That they’re part of the team.  This psychological safety enhances engagement and participation.


  1. Standing Out

Ok…  You’re in Tesco (or any supermarket of your choice), searching for the Jammie Dodgers.  There are times when only a classic biscuit from the 1960s will do!  Anyway, you can’t find them.  Anywhere.  So, you need to ask an assistant for help.  And look - there’s one!  Perfectly dressed in a navy blue polo shirt.  Easy to spot.  Approachable.  With a name tag.  Off to the Jammie Dodgers you go.

The uniform has done its job.  It was easy to see and the right colour (see below).

The result?

A happy customer.

You probably want your employees to be easily recognisable and friendly-looking.  Uniform is your ally here, especially if you choose wisely…


  1. Choosing a Colour

Ok.  We’ve got this far - by now you’re surely convinced about the advantages of wearing uniforms at work.  So, which colour to choose?

There are two main considerations here - function and emotion.  What is the uniform going to be used for and where?  What feelings do you want to generate in employees and customers?

Recent research reveals that there is strong consistency when people think of colours…



Bold, attention-grabbing, projects power, action and confidence.

Very popular with sports teams.

68% of people link red to love.

So, is red the colour for a uniform?

Careful!  59% of people associated red with anger! 

Most experts suggest using red sparingly, as part of a theme, not the main colour.



Calming, peaceful, serene, suggests loyalty and integrity.

Often used by the NHS, especially for nurses.

69% of people link blue to relief and contentment.

Blue is the most universally liked colour of all and the safest to use in business.  It can build trust and loyalty.

But… blue can be seen as unimaginative and old fashioned.



Natural, restful, safe, symbolising healing and freshness.

Used by the army, paramedics and ASDA.

73% of people link green to contentment and joy.

In business, green is popular with companies related to health and natural, organic, environmentally friendly products.



Creative, innovative, modern, friendly, the colour of new ideas and new ways of doing things.

Used for hi-vis and the leader of the Tour de France.

92% of people link yellow with joy and amusement.

Uplifting and fun, yellow suggests playfulness and warmth.  It might be seen as not serious enough for some roles.



There are reasons why chefs wear white.  It reflects heat away in a hot kitchen, looks professional and clean, is easy to bleach and helps prevent contamination by showing when it’s dirty.  Conversely, waiting staff often wear black to hide stains and to blend in so customers aren’t distracted by them. 

The police force swapped blue uniforms for black in the 1990s, possibly to cut costs, or maybe to look more serious and daunting.

Some roles require staff to stand out, or blend in, to look approachable or imposing.

The perfect uniform might require some careful thought!


To Conclude

You need the right uniform.

The benefits are huge - increased brand awareness, proud staff working as an effective team, happy customers associating your company with positive values…

Gazelle Sports are specialists in uniform.

As a family firm with many years of experience, we can help you choose the perfect company clothing to boost your business.

We’d love to hear from you.



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